Salsa Chicken

This little gem is inspired from my time attending a college student exchange in Mexico City. A time of pyramids, volcanos, and rainforests. This recipe will remain in my grimoire as a personal favorite that heals all my travel lust during these past years of the pandemic. Use your favorite salsa. For the purposes of today’s photos I’m using a highly accessible brand, Tostitos.

Preheat your oven at 375°

Cook your breasts with the salsa on top. Lid on your oven safe dish. In lew of a lid – use foil. This will keep the chicken juicy. Cook like this for 30 minuets, for 4 breast, longer if their is more in the oven. Remember chicken is done at 180° F.

While you wait grate cheddar cheese to top. I prefer Canadian old cheddar. Top the chicken with the cheddar and put back into oven to melt for another 10 minuets. Let cool before serving. Excellent paired with rice, sliced and wrapped up in a tortilla.


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