Broth: Ham Bone

Broth is natures cure all for health and nutrition. A dash of flavor to every meal, such as casseroles, sauces and meat pans alike. Brings with it a multi-vitamin that can’t be beat. With collagen, glycine, and proline, broth is the anti-wrinkle tonic of the ages.

Ham is a flavourful meat, its salty base makes for a delicious broth with very little added salt. Its been touted in famous pea soups the world over, and used in the pan of all meats alike.

Nearly any ham bone can be used for this recipe is there is enough bone. You’ll want to roast the shoulder or ham halk prior to boiling it for broth. This brings out flavour and makes the marrow, with all the nutrients, more easily boiled down.

You’re to use 2lbs of ham bones, in lew of that, youll want to roast your shoulder, with the lid on, with onions a splash of wine. I also add bay leaves. Do not lift the lid until the shoulder is done about 3 to 4 hours at 250°. Once it is finished remove the roast from you cook pot and save all the run off. There will be a significant amount of fat. Let the tonic cool, then remove the solid fat from the top.

Once you have your run off, what Julia refers to as flavor gold. You add it and all your roast bones to the following:

6 to 8 cups of water

2 large onions, or 4 shallots, or 6 scallions

4 sticks celery, or 1 large Leek

3 large carrots, chopped roughly

1 TSP coriander or cumin seeds

2 portobello mushrooms, or a handfull of button or white mushrooms

a bunch of thyme

1 TBSP Salt

Once to a boil, reduce to a low simmer for 4 to 5 hours. Strain through a sieve removing all balk, then strain again through cheesecloth for a silky smooth textured tonic.

Le Voila!

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