Regrow Your Produce

Regrowing produce bought for the store is an excellent way to get your money’s worth. Every spring I try to keep as much produce as possible available at home for the season. First I start my Romain hearts. The first thing I do is cut off the end core about an inch to an inch and a half above the core. As you can see from this photo.

Set the core face up in water change the water every two days, or as needed, also spray the top with water. With in days you will see it sprout new leaves from the center, as seen here. 

Fennel is a wonderful herb most often used by many in fish. It’s sold in the produce section with its bulb. But putting the bulb in a bowl with an inch of water it will not only keep the herb fresh but will also grow a new. Change the water every two days or as needed.  

Garlic bulb left in your cupboard, thats began to start to sprout greenery. The largest cloves produce the biggest bulbs. Or even set aside the largest cloves for planting. Once they’ve sprouted green plant in soil so that the greenery is visible. Then water daily. 

Green onions need only to be cut off as needed. Cut the stalks as you need them just greenery then put in water. Change the water every two days as needed, cut off the growing stalks as needed. 

The same for Romain hearts can be done with celery. 

If you buy large carrots. Cut off the nub put in water until greenery starts to grown from the nub, then plant in soil, greenery above the soil line. 

To find more produce that can been regrow and further instruction check it out at this link:

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  1. HV, this is a fabulous post! When I was a kid we did that with carrots, but it was more of a “science project” — we didn’t plant them. I never thought about doing this with green onions or herbs. Well done. Hugs.


  2. Dangerspouse says:

    Excellent info. Thanks!

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  3. Lily says:

    Wow what a great idea! This would be awesome with organic – it would save you a ton of money! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Robyn Haynes says:

    This practice reminds me of my childhood when we grew carrot tops just as you describe. It’s a great way to save money and be green at the same time.

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  5. Susanne Broomer says:

    Very good. Looks healthy.

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  6. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for dropping by my blog.

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  7. elliebleu says:

    Really cool post and great to do with kids. I forget, but when I grew up we would do this with certain herbs. Maybe cilantro? Anyways. The green onions are a wonderful idea!

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    1. hveagar says:

      Yes it can also be done with basil start in water until it grows roots


  8. hveagar says:

    Hello all! This is one of my most popular posts so I decided I would give a week update on my growing produce, check out the new pics!


  9. I am particularly pleased to read the tip re fennel!! See my yesterdays post!! Keep your fingers crossed that I will succeed once I find the bulbs in my Hypermarket again 🙂 Thanks – Carina

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