Eagar Roast Drumsticks & Potatoe Herb Bake

One of the first recipes I learned to make as a new bride was roast chicken. When your just starting out you learn to make dinner from cheaper cuts of meat. The best chicken to use for roasting chicken thighs or drumsticks. The cheapest cuts at the market when buying chicken. You want the skin on and the bone in or the chicken will be dry without it. 

Preheat oven to 425°

I begin making a salt herb mix. Adding 2 Tbs sea salt. 1 Tbs thyme, 1 Tbs rosemary, 1 Tbs parsley. 

Lift the skin on the drumsticks. 

Taking butter in your hand and the salt herb mixture rub it together mixing it in your hand and spreading in under the skin and over the entire drumstick. 

Cut up potatoes chunky and add to a zip lock back. To the bag add olive oil about 1 Tbs. Add some of the access salt and herb rub to the bag. Be careful not to over season. Finish with lightly with garlic powder, pepper and paprika. The paprika adds beautiful favour and colour to the dish.

In a casserole dish add the chicken the spread the potatoes around the chicken not over crowding them too much but in tightly. 

Open entire garlic bulb being careful not to deglove the cloves themselves. Spread them on top and bake for an hour. 

Before serving deplore the cloves and spread over potatoes.

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