Shrimp Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad is delicious. The favorite of many. There are different recipes resulting in sauces that are beautifully creamy or tangy with vinigar and oil. Garlic mainly shapes the base of the flavor, often sitting times vary from an hour to 3 or 4, depending on the desired intensity. Creating the air of garlic, lemon and herbs. 

You can add just about anything to salad. Left over chicken, pork, even the ends of your bread loaves can be used for homemade croutons. 

But personally my favorite additive I buy specifically for Caesar Salad, mini shrimps. You’ll find these is a well stocked groceries store. In Canada this would be a Metro, or whole foods. I keep half the bag in the fridge. And freeze the rest. 

I start with a fresh washed Romain heart. Tearing it apart into a large bowl. I  add lemon juice to the leaves. And toss. I do this even, and especially when using a pre-made caesar sauce, my families favorites are often found in the produce section. Parmesan cheese I add to the tossing process, slightly thickening the sauce, thereby using shrimp to garnish.

To add depth to the taste, do not use bacon bites. Take the time to crisp your bacon. This can even be done ahead of time, crumbled and left in the fridge for continual use. Using good bacon, often smoked, leaves a full flavor. Very complimentary with the shrimp.

Dry the shrimp well in paper towel. Before topping your salads. Also taste, and season with salt and pepper accordingly. 

Note: These shrimps, I find are best used with a creamy caesar sauce, of your choice. Personally I’ve forgone croutons, as seen in the photo. Croutons are great to bulk a salad for company. But for lunch seem quite heavy. 

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