Use Your Noodle

I think we can all agree, presentation matters. We assess food initially, if not exclusively by how it looks. Something as mundane as noodles rarely surprises, let alone delights.

Noodles are an important ingredient to a dish. It will dictated how its eaten. Also the distribution of the sauce with each bite. I am often a big fan of fusilli noodles. As they tend to allow more sauce. Bowtie not so much.

I am just as particular of linear noodles as well. I like a long thick noodle such as fettuccini or even pappardella. When a thin noodle is preferred, I rather it in a nest. A stuffed noodle is often served with a thin sauce such as rosé or Alfredo. Uncomplicated with additional ingredience such as excessive vegetables or heavy herbs.

Recently noodles have come on the market that boast no boiling, no draining. They are to be used for casseroles. In Penné, fusilli, and elbow forms. The same idea has been on the market for decades, in lasagna noodle forms.

Riccioli is made in Italy but found at Farm Boy. This dry dainty lily shaped noodles brings an unexpected elegance to the dish of your choice. Boiled in sea salted water for 9 minuets, produces a beautifully smooth, perfectly soft consistancy in every bite.

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  1. lulu says:

    If food is presented beautifully, I am convinced it tastes better!

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