Fresh Herbs Make the Difference 

I’ve heard it from every chef I have watched on television, seen in movies, and you tube, they even eco it in their books. Cook with fresh herbs. Every chef confirms it’s worth it. Any fool knows the cost efficiencies of growing your own herbs. Not to mention the fact that dried herbs could be left of the shelf for untold periods. This period can result in mold that wouldn’t be noticed by its user. Also the plants potency is reduced with age. Our largest personal costs are at the grocers, yet we don’t often season with fresh good.s

So few of us grow our own. Some try to start from seed. Get frustrated in the waiting process. After all, most of us are in it for the flavor, not the Botany. In fact, there are some herbs that are particularly hard to germinate. 

Best solution, by prestarted plants they range in cost but are not often above $4CAD I found mine for less and Sheridan Nursery. I found my clay pots from Walmart  $1.23CAD each. Their matching drip trays $.47CAD. All together under $30 for 5 fresh herbs year round. If your worried about futilization, one the best ways to recycle coffee grounds is to use them in your plants. 

They also look fabulous, and smell inspiring. 

Italian basil tree, Bay leaf tree, and a purple basil tree. #edibletopiary 

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  1. Fresh really does make a difference. Growing up I thought I didn’t like basil because all I had ever had was dried. When I got out on my own I started using fresh herbs. Basil is one of my favorites.

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    1. hveagar says:

      Well said I really do taste the difference! It’s literally world’s away from dried!

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  2. I must say I don’t cook too much but love fresh basil with tomato and mozzarella and good oil. I will be following your blog but please don’t be offended if I don’t like any meat recipes as I am a strict vegetarian but I will still read them and check out your photos. RegardsSue

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